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    I, the undersigned, wish to participate as a volunteer for the 2015 Niagara Icewine Festival and in consideration of being allowed to participate as a volunteer, the undersigned accepts all responsibility for any loss or injury arising out of said participation and absolves Great White Entertainment and the Niagara Icewine Festival hold harmless any of the above and do hereby certify that the information listed above is true in its entirety. I understand I am an ambassador to the Niagara Icewine Festival and as such, will conduct myself as such. I understand consumption of alcohol is prohibited during volunteer participation.

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    Which Areas/Tasks would you like to volunteer for?

    Operations Team
    Tasks may include: Bottle sorting, Inventory distribution, Set up and tear down of: tables/chairs, tents, signage, fencing
    Customer Service Team
    Tasks may include: token sales, glass sales, ticket takers, staffing information centers
    Security Support
    Tasks may include: Preventing overcrowding at gates, way-finding, monitoring guests, monitoring no alcohol in non-licensed areas, monitoring exits
    Which Shifts can you Volunteer for?

    Thursday, January 25: 2:30pm-7pm (pre-event)
    Friday, January 26: 10am-4pm (pre-event)
    Friday, January 26: 5pm-12 midnight
    Saturday, January 27: 1pm-7pm
    Saturday, January 27: 6pm-12 midnight
    Sunday, January 28: 10am-2:30pm (post-event)

    Comments Regarding Shifts: